MCT Oil- What are its benefits?

MCT Oil- What are its benefits?

MCT Oil is a supplement that has been on a drastic rise in popularity amongst athletes, fitness personalities, and your everyday exercise fanatic. The question is, why is it suddenly experiencing so much love?

MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are a form of fat, however much smaller than other, more common types of fat (long-chain triglycerides). This not only makes them easier to digest, but also allows them to be absorbed into the bloodstream and used for energy much faster than most other foods or supplements. 

What are its benefits?

While the research and promised benefits aren’t 100% certain yet due to its relative novelty, there are certainly reasons to consider supplementing with it/using products that contain quality MCT Oils. These include:

  • Heart health (Lower bad cholesterol in the liver and improve lipid levels, while promoting higher levels of good cholesterol in the body)
  • Energy Source (Since it provides calories through fat, it is a dense source of energy, and studies find that they also reduce the buildup of lactic acid, indirectly assisting in performance by preventing loss of stamina.
  • Brain Health (Studies show benefits in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients and children with autism when supplementing with MCT)
  • Gut Health (A great source of probiotics which aids in digestion, absorption, and inhibition of bad bacteria growth
  • Anti Inflammatory Properties (This can prevent many issues such as joint pains, skin disease, oral bacteria growth, and gut health as mentioned above)
  • Moisturizing (Reduces skin issues such as wrinkles, stretch marks, and even post-sunburn skin peeling)

In the end, although the plethora of acclaimed benefits may not be irrefutable, there is certainly no harm in giving MCT supplementation a try, as it can only help you out, and potentially even be life changing. If you’re looking for a place to start, try our Smart Start Creamer: we currently have 4 amazing flavors, all with excellent dosage, ready to kickstart your day with a boost in energy that will last even longer than from coffee alone. 


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