Benefits of Electrolytes

Benefits of Electrolytes

What are some of the key functions? 

  • Regulating proper pH (acid-base levels) throughout your body
  • Keep your muscles and organs hydrated 
  • Promote optimal sleep (proper levels of calcium aid in producing melatonin, a necessary hormone for deep sleep and REM cycles)
  • Can prevent heat-related illnesses, such as rashes and even heatstroke (control fluid retention to keep your body cool)
  • Improved digestion (a better contracting intestine is a happy intestine!)
  • Longevity (A healthy heart with proper blood pressure and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, with one study even finding that there was a 49% lower risk of heart disease-caused death when consuming 4,000mg/day of Potassium compared to 1,000mg/day)
  • Greater Cognition (dehydration and mineral shortage can negatively affect memory, mood, attention span, and possibly even raise risk of seizures)

While you can certainly find a good amount of electrolytes in your diet through foods such as: 

  • fruits (watermelon, bananas, oranges) 
  • vegetables (avocado, spinach, broccoli) 
  • proteins (chicken, tofu, fish, turkey)

It is very difficult to reach optimum levels. This is why it can’t be overstated how beneficial supplementing with hydration formulas is. Not only are they created with every possible benefit in mind, but they are also perfectly dosed to optimize their effects: for example, magnesium and calcium are necessary to aid one another for absorption and deposition into various parts of our body. By consuming fully efficacious dosages of each electrolyte, you can be certain that you will never face an electrolyte imbalance.

The value of electrolytes cannot be overstated: they make nearly every aspect of our mind and bodies better, faster, stronger. If you’ve been facing any of the problems listed above, you should definitely give supplementing electrolytes a glo,  and there’s no better place to start than with our water-mix in product, Hydrate:  with over 10 delicious flavors, incredible effectiveness and a superb ingredient profile, you will see a clear difference in your day to day life. 


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