Cozy Up with a Vanilla Hazelnut Irish Coffee - A Delightful Twist on a Classic


Hello, coffee lovers! Today, we’re spicing up the classic Irish Coffee with a delightful twist – introducing the Vanilla Hazelnut Irish Coffee. Perfect for those chilly evenings or as a special treat, this recipe combines the rich, aromatic flavors of vanilla and hazelnut with the traditional warmth of Irish whiskey and cream. Let's get brewing!


Recipe Steps:

  1. Brew the Coffee: Begin by brewing a strong cup of your favorite vanilla hazelnut flavored coffee from Coffee Over Cardio. The rich aromas of vanilla and hazelnut will set the perfect base for our Irish coffee.

  2. Prepare the Glass: Grab a cozy coffee glass and add a shot (about 1.5 ounces) of smooth Irish whiskey. The whiskey not only adds warmth but also depth to the flavors.

  3. Combine Coffee and Whiskey: Gently pour the freshly brewed coffee over the whiskey. Watch as they blend together, creating a beautiful mix of flavors.

  4. Sweeten to Taste: Add brown sugar according to your preference. Stir it in until it’s completely dissolved. The sweetness balances the robustness of the coffee and whiskey.

  5. Creamy Finish: Finally, carefully float heavy cream on top by slowly pouring it over the back of a spoon. This creates a visually stunning and creamy layer that you’ll love to sip through.

Enjoy this twist on a classic Irish Coffee! 




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