Smart Start Creamer® | Dippin' Dots® - Caramel Macchiato

Smart Start Creamer® | Dippin' Dots® - Caramel Macchiato

Coffee Over Cardio - Dippin’ Dots® style! Our collaboration with Dippin’ Dots® for a BRAND NEW Smart Start Creamer® has us SO EXCITED! We hope you are too! 

Be sure to checkout the recipe below!

Are you ready to make your very own Caramel Macchiato at home?! Need a jump start in the mornings? The Smart Start Creamer® will keep you energized all day! You don’t need to go very far to get great flavor AND it’s healthy; could it get any better? Here are three key ingredients that make this creamer unlike ANY other out there:

  1. Teacrine - A patented compound that delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation and mood.
  2. Cognizin - A brain health ingredient that provides nutritional support for attention, focus, and recall.
  3. MCT Oil - One of the fastest sources of clean fuel for the body and brain.

This creamer is out of this world with a rich, long-lasting flavor to fuel your mornings. Our Smart Start Creamer® helps boost brain performance, keeps you focused throughout the day, and clears any fogginess to ensure mental clarity. Say goodbye to plain old boring coffee in the mornings AND those mid-afternoon caffeine crashes.

The BEST part?! It is made for healthy living with features such as:

  • NO Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Keto Friendly
  • 20 calories (per serving)
  • >1g of carbs (per serving) 

Here is a recipe to try that we think you will love!


Make a cup of coffee with Doctor's Orders (Vanilla Hazelnut).

Next, in a short glass, add in 1/8 cup of your favorite milk product.

Then half or full scoop of the Caramel Macchiato Powdered creamer to the milk.

Mix with a hand-frother until its nice and frothed.

Finally, Pour the frothed creamer on top of the coffee.

You can add an extra drizzle or caramel or a little whip cream to top it off.

Voila! Your very own Caramel Macchiato made right at home. Do we need to say more?


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