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      But First...Coffee {BLOG}

      But First... Coffee: Don't Be Overwhelmed, Make Small Changes

      But First... Coffee: Don't Be Overwhelmed, Make Small Changes

      Good morning Coffee Lovers! Happy Friday :)

      We are more than half way through January of 2018! How are you doing on your resolutions so far? Everyone talks about how tough it is to keep resolutions... especially when it revolves around health & fitness. Why do people have trouble keeping their resolutions? Because they try to tackle TOO much, TOO fast.

      Here are some SMALL steps you can take to live a "healthier" lifestyle without overcommitting. AND I highly suggested tackling one, small change at a time on a week-by-week (or month-by-month) basis so you don't feel overwhelmed.

      For example: 
      (Week 1): Start your day by drinking a glass of water {Yes! Even before your coffee}. Drink a water before you eat lunch and before you eat dinner. That's it! Most people don't drink enough water daily :) Start by adding 2-3 glasses of water into your routine everyday on top of what you normally drink.

      (Week 2): So you've started drinking more water. Good! Now, do you have a green vegetable with every meal? Try adding spinach to your morning eggs, or a cup of green beans on the side of your lunch. Aim for 1 serving of green vegetables at each meal. ABSORB THOSE MICRONUTRIENTS!

      So the first 2 weeks you've taken steps to ADD healthier things into your routine. Now the harder part... Cutting back on the the unhealthier habits (but NOT permanently.. everyone deserves treats!)

      (Week 3): What is an unhealthy food/treat you are eating too much of and too often? {A dessert, or soda, etc.} Ask yourself how much do you have it on a weekly basis?

      • 5 times? Maybe this week you only have it 3 times. 
      • Twice a day? Maybe this week you only have it once a day... 

      Find a way to slowly decrease your intake (of the unhealthy treat). And the following week, decrease again! You don't need to take it out of your life completely. But you may see a big difference in reducing how much you are consuming on a weekly basis. Plus! You might enjoy it even more if you only have it once every so often

      (Week 4): So it's been a few weeks and you're starting to pay attention to what you're putting into your body. Next you may try focusing on how much (in terms of volume) you are having of "unhealthy" treats across your diet. Start familiarizing yourself with serving sizes (looking at the nutritional labels, for example). When you're at home, measure out 1 serving size so you can see what that physically looks like. You may realize you eat 5 servings of something! Here is where you can try to tame things back - instead of having 5 servings of pasta, instead you have 2 servings and replace the rest of your plate with green vegetables.


      Moral of the story: Don't overwhelm yourself. Make small changes on a weekly basis. Use some patience and have confidence that you'll keep improving. The same goes for activity. Make small changes. Don't commit to going to the gym everyday if you don't even have a membership yet. Start with 2-3 days for the first few weeks and go from there.

      This morning I am drinking 1/2 {#WORKFLOW} & 1/2 {Cinnamon Bun, Messy Bun} with a splash of creamer! Let me know if you've tried this combination.

      Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And don't forget to check your inbox on Monday morning for a little motivation ;)


      Abbey Scott



      PS: Need nutritional guidance? Email me at Abbey@Coffeeovercardio.com and I can help you find the right resources/coaches.

      But First... Coffee: The Intro

      But First... Coffee: The Intro

      Good morning Coffee Lovers!

      Welcome to the latest addition to Coffee Over Cardio - a short email to your inbox every Monday and Friday morning. We will keep it quick & to the point - as it may be before you had your first cup - providing you with lifestyle topics including motivational quotes, fitness tips, and everything in between!

      Monday’s will centered around motivation, as we all know it can be tough to start a week! Friday’s will be ‘fit-ish’ with small tips and information for you to incorporate “health” into your life.

      This morning I am drinking #WORKFLOW {dark roast, high caffeine coffee} and I am ready to crush this week at work.

      Stay tuned for a big announcement this week by following us on instagram @Coffeeovercardio


      Bottoms up!

      Abbey Scott