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      Rae Dominguez IG: _livephotabulously_

      Rae Dominguez is 32, a small business owner from Virginia Beach who strives to make her community a little brighter. She started her company, Dandillama Designs, where she crafts blankets, stuffed animals and other household snuggles in early 2019. Rae is also a school photographer and local food blogger.
      As an entrepreneur, her focus has always been on creating a happy, more positive world for others like her and everyone in between. Owning and operating a small home goods business was never her plan, but after crafting some pieces for friends she quickly realized how many lives she could touch. Creating is her love, but people are her passion.
      Being a blogger she found her place among an amazing community of like minded women when she found Coffee Over Cardio. She never expected to be here today, but believes this is exactly where she was always meant to end up.
      Company IG: dandillamadesigns
      Full Website coming soon!