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Paige Reilly IG: @paigereilly

Paige Reilly IG: @paigereilly
Paige Reilly is 28 years old, originally from New York but currently living in Denver Colorado!! She started her fitness journey *for real* in April of 2016.
It all started when she decided to get a trainer at her local gym and realized that under-eating and only doing cardio & abs wasn’t going to help her reach her goals (shocker). Up until that point, she didn’t have much knowledge on anything bodybuilding or fitness related, so she immediately fell in love once she was introduced to the world of weight lifting and more importantly, bodybuilding.
She never saw this path in her plans, never thought she would compete or have any type of social media presence but now she am an IFBB Pro with a community of beautiful souls across her social media platforms & she couldn’t be more thankful for where she is at today.
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