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      Kelsey Hynes IG: kelseyhynesfit

      Kelsey Hynes is 27 years old living a small city about 40 minutes outside of Boston, MA. Kelsey is a Registered Nurse in a cardiac step-down unit as well as an online personal trainer. She first got into fitness about 5 years ago when she stumbled across girls sharing their fitness journeys on Instagram. Finally she stepped away from over training with cardio and underwater and slowly educated herself on bodybuilding and proper nutrition. Through countless struggles she persisted and fell in love with lifting weights and building a body she loved. But it wasn’t u too 3 years ago that everything changes; she finally stopped doubting herself and stopped worrying about what people thought and began prepping for her first bikini competition. The rest is history, since then she has competed in 6 NPC Bikini competitions. Competing has given her more than she could ever imagine. She began to share the ups and downs of her competition seasons on Instagram and her platform grew. She was able interact with so many like minded people and meet so many incredible humans, who have become her best friends; AKA the CEO of COC!!! To put it simply, fitness and social media has saved her life and transformed her as a person; she couldn’t be more grateful for the people she has met along the way and is so excited for whatever life throws her way.