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      Jen Cardinal IG: jenliftsss

      Jen cardinal is 21 years old, from a small town in Southern Maryland. She started her fitness journey by going to the local small town gym at 15 years old. She instantly loved bodybuilding. She loved seeing her body transform by the work she did. After graduating High school and leaving her competitive dance team she was involved with for 9 years, she went to college to get her degree in business marketing. She missed her competitive side and decided to do her first bikini competition at 19 years old. After winning 1st place in both classes, and being the runner up for her pro card, she was determined to come back and get her pro title. Taking some time off for her next show to grow, she is currently in school, working full time in a dental office she loves incredibly, and loves to sponsor Bowmar Nutrition and Coffee over Cardio. She never thought she would be where she is today and is forever thankful for the opportunities she gets, this is only her beginning.