Drinking Water Is Hard. Hydrate Makes it easy.

By mixing 1 scoop of Hydrate to your water or coffee each day you can feel more energized, boost your recovery time, and increase your endurance.

Hydration | Recovery | Endurance

Stop dragging throughout the day. Hydrate and live your best life.

4 Calories, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan and Keto-Friendly.

Hydrate is a product designed for anyone.

Customers LOVE Hydrate


"I was hesitant to buy these at first because most electrolyte drinks taste okay and have a weird aftertaste, but this totally blew my mind! I drink this all the time when I want something sweet without all the junk in it! It’s so yummy! 💕💕 Will definitely be buying again and trying the others"

Jasmine M.
Verified Buyer - Water Hydrate

"This has truly changed my life. The hydrate powders taste SO good and hydrate you at the same time! The flavor is unreal and I don’t even use creamer anymore!!"

Kaitlyn M.
Verified Buyer - Coffee Hydrate