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Alyssa Greene IG: @alyssajoygreene

Alyssa Greene IG: @alyssajoygreene
Alyssa Green is a 28-year-old from Minnesota. She has a busy life between her husband Jon, their pup Colonel, friends, family, and a full-time job. A cup of coffee is her way of slowing the world down. She has been on a health and fitness journey for almost 4 years, and really has found her love for taking care of herself inside and out. 
She loves trying coffee and collecting mugs everywhere she goes. Having 15-20 minutes to ease her way into the day - usually before the sun is up - is her happy time! 
She is a full-time marketing manager with a passion to change the world and to be the best HER she can be! After a cup of coffee, she is ready to attack the day and take on the world - maybe even smash out some cardio.