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Flavored Coffee Beans

Fantastically Flavorful for any Palate

Straight black coffee isn’t for everyone, and never has been. Even in ancient times, our ancestors would flavor their coffee with spices, nuts, or any number of natural ingredients. The 1990s gourmet coffee boom led to a craving for more ‘exotic’ flavors. 

All Natural Flavoring Brings out the Best Taste & Aroma

Most roasters use flavor essences or syrups to roast in sweet and savory flavors. Flavoring oils and extracts are derived from natural sources such as vanilla beans, cinnamon, cocoa beans, clove, nuts, berries, and more.

Natural, Pure, and Specially Processed With Artisanal Care

Here at Coffee over Cardio, we coat our beans with all-natural extracts to roast in all that flavorful goodness without sacrificing the purity of the beans or adding any unnecessary fats and sugars. You can sip with confidence, knowing that our 100% pure Arabica flavored coffee is healthy and calorie-free— not to mention delicious!

Fun and Flavorful Options for any Preference

These flavorful blends don’t need creamer (though we won’t stop you!) to start your day off on a sweeter foot. Our flavored coffees are available in different roasts and flavor blends to appeal to a variety of health-conscious coffee drinkers. From our Saturdaze to our Messy Bun blends, you’re bound to find a new favorite. Pour your coffee in our fashionable coffee tumblers when you're on the go! They also go great as gifts within a coffee gift basket.

Find Our Why Fans Rave About Our Coffee Blends Today!

Picked fresh in Costa Rica and roasted in Portland, OR, our gourmet coffees over the best of the best in flavor and quality, without sacrificing your health. You can buy our best flavored coffees online already ground or contact us to discuss ordering whole beans in bulk for your own coffee shop.

  1. Basic AF | 12oz
  2. Doctor's Orders | 12oz
  3. #WorkFlow | 12oz

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