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Healthy Coffee Creamer

We all have different tastes and preferences, and little brings these out quite so much as flavoring a cup of joe. From the purists who want all-black to the flavored coffee enthusiasts, tastes range widely. For some, no cup of coffee is complete without a dash of creamer to enhance the flavor.

But did you know that you don’t need to sacrifice the quality of your coffee to achieve this flavor? You can drink healthy coffee with the best healthy coffee creamers from CoffeeoverCardio.

Enter our smart start creamers! Available in two enticing flavors, our Smart Start creamer maintains 0 Carbs in your coffee and only ads 20 calories per serving. They also include two patented ingredients: TeaCrine and Cognizin.

What are these? TeaCrine is made from thacrine, which naturally occurs in Camellia tealeaves, coffee, and other exotic fruits. This compound boosts your energy, mental clarity, motivation, and mood. Even better, it’s not a stimulant— no boosts to your heart rate or blood pressure. On the other hand, Cognizin is derived from natural energy-producing Citicoline.

Drink, delight, deliver.

Our specially crafted powdered creamers offer focus, concentration, and energy to keep you going through the day without the hard crash and burn after. Say goodbye to the ‘need’ for sugar or substitute sweeteners and hello to our Smart Start Coffee Creamers. Choose between Vanilla Caramel Swirl and Dreamy Hot Fudge— or get both!

You can buy our healthy coffee creamer online here, or add it to one of your bundles to try it with your favorite blend! It's also a great addition to any office coffee supply!

  1. Focus + Mental Clarity
    Smart Start Creamer® $39.99