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      Do you feel like you're wasting lots of time, energy, and frustration hitting your weight loss goals?

      Hi, I'm Abbey and that's me above!

      Throughout my journey I've been happy, unhappy, confident, insecure, bloated, not bloated, and it wasn't until I created a structure and routine that allowed me to be confident in my own skin. That's where 'Boss Babe Fit' was born!

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      When I was living in NYC working on Wall Street, I ate out every day, made bad health choices, and realized a year later enough was enough!

      Not only was I not happy with the way I looked, my health was the worst it had ever been, especially after being an athlete my entire life.

      So I got a gym membership, started working out here and there, I even started making better choices when I ate out.

      Lo and behold, I was starting to develop a lifestyle of health. I just wish I had a plan to follow when I first started! 

      Here's what you get!

      Monthly Workouts

      Monthly access to easy & effective workouts you can do!

      Tips & Recipes

      Nutrition tips & tasty recipes monthly to keep you on track!

      Facebook Group

      Stronger together! Share your journey with girls like you!

      VIP FREE Shipping

      Get access to VIP Free Shipping on all our products!

      Without accountability, your chances of succeeding with a fitness program are much, much lower.

      The Boss Babe Fit Accountability System is simple… stay connected through our Boss Babe Facebook Community.

      This ensures that you are not left alone every step of the program and you are seeing results each and every week. Simply just ask for help!

      With this system, you will see an increase in motivation and focus and will be well-equipped to not only achieve amazing results but maintain these results FOREVER!

      eBook Table of Contents & Introduction Example

      Our Boss Babes are LOVING Their Results!!!

      ✓ Monthly Workouts ✓ Recipes ✓ FB Group ✓ VIP FREE Shipping

      “In 1 month and 3 weeks, I have lost 5% body fat and DOWN 2 PANTS SIZES!!! I am so impressed with these programs! Totally recommend it.”

      - Lindsay W.

      “This 7-day program was exactly what I needed to get a head start on my fitness goals for the new year. Got me OFF THE COUCH!”

      - Ashlyn R.