About Us

In early 2018, my now business partner, Mike, while I was living in New York City and Mike was a new, Southern California resident.
At the time, I was working full time on Wall Street and Mike worked for himself. During the day I would take a few coffee breaks- which meant spending $5-10 a day alone on coffee. [Big yikes!]

One day Mike jokingly said to me, “You drink so much, you should have your own coffee business!” Mike is a true entrepreneur at heart & always coming up with new business ideas. When he said this - it sparked something inside of him while I kind of laughed it off… considering he wasn’t wrong about my *addiction*! A few weeks later, he was looking at an online based coffee company who marketed heavily towards males & veterans from their packaging to their social media/ad presence. They absolutely were (and still are!) crushing it with their niche community within the coffee market.

“What if we made a coffee company for women?” Women in the US on average drink 1.5 cups a day and with specialty coffee sales rising, we thought to ourselves - why not? Immediately we imagined pastel colored bags with cute designs & fun flavors - like chocolate donut! All we had to do was find a roaster who could bring our flavor profiles to life.

The idea was incredible but I was hesitant. I didn’t know how I would be able to balance my career plus start a company. Oh and - I didn’t know how to start a company, or never had I envisioned working for myself. But Mike was beyond supportive, encouraging and together we just started figuring out how to make my visions come to life.

Fast forward to December 2017, and we had come up with a fun name that combined our coffee passion with my fitness passion and we officially launched our first 4 coffees.

6 months later, I left my full time job on Wall Street and I rented a home in north Dallas, Texas where our guest rooms were quickly overtaken and became our Coffee Over Cardio HQ and fulfillment center. Spring of 2019 the business moved into a warehouse and that was I think for me the point where I was like “whoa, look what I have built!”

From 4 coffee flavors, to over 35 product SKUs… from a coffee break to a now 2nd warehouse coming at 5,000 sq foot… Coffee Over Cardio has blossomed into a community for women empowered by coffee. It’s truly remarkable all the amazing people I’ve met at our events and virtually through social media because of this little company we’ve made. All I can say is THANK YOU! You guys mean the world to me!

xoxo Abbey Scott