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Messy Bun - Cinnamon Bun Coffee

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Messy Bun is a 100% Arabica and Costa Rican coffee. It is a clean, mellow bean that allows the flavoring to shine. A lot of companies will take a cheaper, bitter bean and add flavoring - our coffee stands out because we took a high-grade bean, grown on the side of the mountains in Costa Rica, and added a little bit of flavor to the beans prior to roasting. The result? We turned great beans into a memorable cup of coffee.

How do I make this coffee

All of our coffee is ground loose coffee. You will make it just like any other coffee out there. We suggest 1-2 tablespoons per cup.

We carry reusable Kcups if you have a Keurig machine. You fill it up about 3/4 from the top. (the more coffee you use in the Kcup, the stronger the coffee will be)

What's in Messy Bun

Ingredients: Coffee beans, natural extracts, No sweeteners, No sugars, No Calories.


Our coffee is flavored with high quality extracts that you would find traditionally in a cake. (vanilla, almond extract, etc.) The flavoring is coated on the beans prior to roasting, cooking the flavor directly into the beans before being ground and packed into our bags and nitrogen flushed for optimal freshness.

Our beans come from the South American countries through Direct Trade with our farms.

All of our Coffee if ground, we currently do not carry any whole bean coffee's.

Nutritional Facts

Is Messy Bun Keto Friendly

Yes, our coffees and creamers are Keto & Competitor friendly.