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Espresso Fit is a medium roast, Arabica bean, espresso blend from Brazil. If you love the bold taste of espresso, you can now make it at home in your coffee maker. Have an espresso machine? Grind it a little finer and it’ll be perfect for you. It is very creamy, nutty and has cedar like flavors, full bodied. The beans are Brazil Serra Negra and Latin American milds (Costa Rica Doka Estate, Colombian Supremo).
In the purest Italian tradition, this blend has a lot of crema when prepared in espresso. Excellent as well in cappuccinos and lattes, its roast express the best of its origins.

How do I make this coffee

All of our coffee is ground loose coffee. You will make it just like any other coffee out there. We suggest 1-2 tablespoons per cup. If you make espresso at home you will need to grind the coffee to a finer course.

We carry reusable Kcups if you have a Keurig machine. You fill it up about 3/4 from the top. (the more coffee you use in the Kcup, the stronger the coffee will be)

What's in Espresso Fit

Espresso Fit is an espresso bean coffee with no flavoring. It's a smooth, rich medium roast.

Nutritional Facts

Is it Keto Friendly

Yes, our coffees and creamers are Keto & Competitor friendly.