Three Reasons Saturdaze Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We are all about family traditions in our home.  And one of our favorite weekly adventures includes a trip to our favorite local bakery for some of the BEST donuts around - in fact, they were voted some of Chicago’s Best.

The chocolate cake donut literally melts in your mouth and half a dozen are gone almost as quick as the free cookies Andy always scores.

But that delectable moment is always replaced with the guilt of having just devoured three donuts - which are by no means small.  It’s no secret that these cravings are one-of-a-kind.

Or at least it was before I tried Coffee Over Cardio’s Saturdaze coffee.  

Here are three reasons our Chocolate Donut flavored light roast will satisfy any longing for a bakery binge!


The question that people often ask the most is “does it really taste like a chocolate donut.”  And my answer is always, “YES!”  

Saturdaze has a chocolate-y, carmel-y, nutty flavor that is created by natural extracts (like vanilla, almond, etc. - think of what you bake with to add flavor!) instead of sweeteners!  

“Saturdaze is a 100% Arabica coffee plucked straight from the Costa Rican mountaintops. 

This sinfully good, guilt-free coffee is best enjoyed during Saturday mornings on the couch, in an oversized T-shirt, curled up in a cozy blanket.



Just like Saturday mornings feel  better in comfy pants and oversized sweatshirts (PS - our shirts are SO SOFT), Saturdaze feels like a Saturday morning; it’s smooth, light, and packs just the right amount of punch to help you start your day.

Have a gluten allergy?  On a diet? Saturdaze more than satisfies that sweet tooth.

While you can sip and daze with this brew all day - just as it is - there are actually ways to make the texture even better.  No, I am not kidding.


Saturdaze is our Chocolate Donut flavored light roast - so what better to pair it with than our Dreamy Hot Fudge Smart Start Creamer?  

This power blend of MCT oil and nootropics will not only fuel you mentally by adding focus and clarity to your day, but it truly adds the icing on the donut.  

Want to level up even more?  Add a dropper of our new Namaste CBD Sweetener in Peanut Butter flavor!

The fudgy flavor of the creamer or the nutty taste of the sweetener pair with the chocolate-y, nutty  taste of the roast to create a delightfully decadent dessert in your mouth without any of the guilt of downing a dozen bakery donuts.  

Family traditions are essential for us.  But so is our health. And while we love our bakery donuts every weekend, I think I like being able to chase my toddler more.  Instead of hitting up our bakery every weekend, we now joyfully make an appearance once a month. Truthfully, I’m not even missing it.  Saturdaze more than comforts my cravings.  The best part - I can have as many cups as I want with zero guilt.  So go ahead, get your Saturdaze on. Life is short - have a second cup (or third or fourth).


By Nicole Domitro
Barista Brand Ambassador
IG: @iamanchoredbyhope


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