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Today I'm continuing my little CEO series to share some insight on working with brands.. but this one is SUCH an important one... 

Brand ambassador or fully sponsored - trying a product B E F O R E you represent it is 🔑

This goes back to my earlier discussion on how to initiate conversations with a brand...

If you’ve tried the product first you can speak to:
•How you use it
•Why you love it
•Why you would recommend it to someone else

If a company DOES reach out to you, what do you do? Say yes? Agree? Sign the papers... NOPE... I'll touch more on this topic next time.. but the first thing - TRY THE PRODUCT.

But let’s rewind a bit further...
👏Aligning with a brand’s core values

I learned this when I was applying to internships. Understanding a company’s core values and their mission is ultimately something you HAVE to agree with before you put your name next to the company’s.

Are they about the community? Giving back? Support? High-quality products? Cruelty free?

In today’s age... honestly, just a good product doesn’t fly. You agree with the company’s mission & where they are headed into the future.

So before you reach out to your next brand for a collab...
☑️ do some research
☑️purchase and try the product
☑️ give yourself time to interact with the company and its platforms
xx 😘 let me know if you have any more specific brand & influencer topics. Hope these continue to be helpful.
More to come!

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