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We're back with some more helpful tips on working with brands...⠀⠀

FIRST - again - there is no right and wrong way. Every company you reach out to is going to be different. Sometimes it’s ok to DM, sometimes it’s ok to email, sometimes they have a site where you can log your information.
But more recently I’ve just been slammed with copy and paste messages who want free stuff...
QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF: If you truly love a biz (especially a small biz!), is FREE STUFF truly the way to SUPPORT them grow? I’ll let you answer that on your own.

🔑An influencer is someone who has an impact on another person. Some have a bigger reach than others but that doesn’t necessarily mean they bring the most value to a company (more on numbers to come).
✔️ When you’re reaching out to a company you truly love, align with, and use their product - think of it like a job application and less like 🐝 Bumble.

Emails, DM's, like these are not the best way... It's 2019. YES brands work with influencers (or at least they should!)

❌ Collab? are you working with influencers?
❌ If you send me free product I’ll post about you!

And just my own little tip for you...
🚫🙅🏻‍♀️ DMing the CEO asking to be sponsored... is a *no go*
2️⃣As I mentioned in my previous CEO diary - you want to showcase how you can add VALUE to a company. So here are some great ways that will surely make YOU stand out amongst the crowd:
✔️ Email with a UNIQUE, DETAILED intro email of what that company means to you and your favorite products

✔️ Include why you want to be partners and how you add value to them (generate sales, create bomb content?)

✔️ Show them examples of what you mean! Previous partnerships and content created already with their product

✔️Send them your media kit to display your social, blog, etc and all your reach (Check out and search for media kit templates ! Canva is FREE!). This is essentially a way to display your social media resume!

✔️ Ask for a phone call to further discuss details if possible

✔️ Be open to non-sponsored brand ambassador programs if you truly LOVE the brand. This is an underappreciated way to actually REALLY get noticed.

✔️ Be open to product swaps in the beginning (and later on you can ask for paid partnerships if you truly stand out $$)

More things to think about... 🔑 if you’re already pushing 10 other products with 10 other discount codes, maybe step back and reevaluate!
If anything push your PERSONAL brand first and you’ll become more valuable to your community when you only really “advertise” for a handful of products you LOVE.
👍It is okay to slide into the DMs if you just need to know the proper contact info - introducing yourself and just what you’re looking for in terms of contact WITH your contact as well. (Oh and if you already have a few tagged stories above that’ll get your brownie points for sure!)
Influencer - micro or macro - marketing is the marketing of today. It’s SO important. So don’t get frustrated if you get a couple of no’s or 👻s in the beginning.
Next post I'll talk about numbers.. and if they really matter...
Anyway I hope this all helps...
xoxo Abbey


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