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      TV Shows Worth the Binge

      TV Shows Worth the Binge

      When I discover a new TV show, I go one of two ways: I either find zero interest in it, or become obsessed and only watch that show until I’ve finished all available seasons. Some might call it problematic, but I call it commitment.  My taste is all over the board, minus thrillers – I typically opt for comedy, drama, reality, or romance. Every show has its own unique qualities that reel me in!


      Thanks to my variety in taste AND online subscriptions, I’ve encountered quite a few gems. Some are well-known, and others deserve more credit… here is my ever-growing list of binge-worthy shows.


      New Girl

      Jane the Virgin


      Chef’s Table


      Bob’s Burgers

      Hart of Dixie

      How I Met Your Mother

      The Office

      Gilmore Girls

      Gossip Girl

      Queer Eye

      The Good Place

      How to Get Away with Murder


      Mad Men


      What are your favorite shows to binge-watch?