Monday Motivation: Gratitude = Boss Babe Attitude!

Good morning, coffee lovers!

Everyone has some sort of morning routine. Some people have everything planned out step-by- step, whereas others thrive on the rush to get ready – either way, we all have a “routine” we are familiar and comfortable with. The question is, does it start your day off on a positive note?

Something that many of our Barista Babes have mentioned is starting the day with a gratitude list. It only takes a few minutes to write (or as long as you want, if you’re feeling extra grateful), and gets you in that Boss Babe mindset!

Here’s my gratitude list from this morning:

- Mike & Cali (my pup)

- My morning coffee

- Going to the gym everyday

- My Health

- My Family & Friends

Try it out for yourself, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram if you post yours. We would love to see it!


Abbey Scott


P.S. Gratitude lists are even more enjoyable with a cup of coffee…

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