How do you make the PERFECT cold brew coffee?

             Change your cold brew routine today!
Say goodbye to buying expensive cold brew every morning on your way to work and start brewing your own at home! Our cold brew tumbler pairs perfectly with our coffee grounds and is so easy, you’ll thank us later!
Fill your filter to the top of the mesh with grounds of your choice! Fill up the tumbler with water and carefully place the filled filter into the water! Once you’ve got that done, pop it into the fridge for 8 hours and wait!
Once it has been 8 hours and it’s ready to go, stir and wait 5 minutes for the grounds to settle. Put the lid back on and pour your coffee over some ice and enjoy!


  • Ann Marie D'Agostino

    Was wondering if you guys recommend a coffee maker? I think I see a Ninja in your photos? I don’t think they make the one Ive seen on your counter.

  • Brandy Spears

    Love!! That’s awesome

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