Hi! My name is Paige & I am part of the Coffee Over Cardio Team!

Hi! My name is Paige & I am part of the Coffee Over Cardio Team!

My name is Paige and I started working with Coffee Over Cardio in July. I had an on-again, off-again relationship with coffee for years until I discovered this amazing brand through social media a year ago – since then, coffee and I have been in a VERY committed relationship. I’m a sucker for flavored coffee, so Messy Bun and Saturdaze are my obvious go-tos with a splash of liquid stevia (not that they need it – I just love my coffee extra sweet).

I’m the kind of girl who has shameless one-way conversations with her dog and prefers Sunday afternoons over Saturday nights. When I’m not working and not at home, you can almost always find me at one of three places: Trader Joe’s, Target, or the gym. I love cooking healthy, yummy meals, learning about beauty/lifestyle trends, and staying active. Fun fact: I was a makeup artist and beauty blogger for many years, so you’ll definitely pick up some helpful tips in that department from me!

Feel free to share any blog requests in the comments. I already have a long list of awesome things planned, so get excited!

xoxo Paige


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