DIY Watermelon Refresher


Looking for a way to make a fun drink all by yourself! Keep reading to find out our recipe for a watermelon refresher and the best part is you can make it right at home!

what you're going to need:

- Watermelon hydrate

what's hydrate? Hydrate is an electrolyte formula that was designed to enhance endurance, recovery, and of course, hydration

-coconut water (a little over a cup)

-fresh watermelon (2 cups)

-limes, squeeze the juice into the blender

-lime seltzer, we chose to use Lacroix 


Once you have all of your ingredients together, pour them into the blender! We recommend pouring the coconut water in first then your watermelon! Once those are in the blender squeezer your lime into it and pour in your watermelon hydrate, we just used one scoop! It is ready to blend now! Once it's all blended pour it into your cup then add your lime seltzer! And there you have it, the perfect DIY watermelon refresher!


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