Coffee Over Cardio | Hydrate 101

Coffee Over Cardio | Hydrate 101

We’ve heard it time and time again: drink more water. It’s probably on your goals list for 2020 - and if not, it should be…

Did you know that 70% of the dreaded afternoon lag is due to dehydration? 

However, forcing yourself to constantly drink tasteless water can quickly destroy your dedication. After experiencing the physical difference with the use of a basic, flavorless electrolyte during prep, we wanted to take that to the next level - AND add flavor.

Hydrate is a first-of-its-kind electrolyte formula designed to enhance endurance, recovery, and of course, hydration

Our formula contains five patented ingredients that went through extensive testing (no sketchy substances allowed!) and is produced in our Dallas facility. The star ingredient is CocOganic, a freeze-dried, organic coconut water powder commonly used in today’s quality supplements. Combined with a concentrated blend of electrolytes, Hydrate gives your body exactly what it needs to dominate the day. Not so much performance-focused as it is overall-feel-focused, Hydrate helps you stay awake, encourages you to drink more water, AND improves your health!

We introduced the first electrolyte for your coffee with our initial flavor release, Salted Caramel. Important note: from now on, brown packaging indicates mixing with coffee, and blue packaging indicates water!


After an INCREDIBLE response, we soon followed up with Pink Lemonade, designed for any form of water intake from a half-gallon (customers usually add two scoops), to a 10-12-oz. water bottle, to your favorite pre-workout or BCAAs. 

Love getting a pump from your workout? Drink Hydrate - and eat carbs - beforehand. The Himalayan pink salt shuttles the water into your muscles to create that optimal feeling and look!


Caffeine is great, but hydration is KEY for survival. There’s a reason this is a TOP SELLER - conquer that 2020 resolution and feel better than ever with Hydrate!

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