Coffee Over Cardio | Coffee Maker Comparison: Keurig, French Press, Drip Coffee

Coffee Over Cardio | Coffee Maker Comparison: Keurig, French Press, Drip Coffee

The way a person likes their cup of joe is as unique as their fingerprint. From flavor profile to convenience, we are able to control virtually every step of the process. However, this seemingly endless array of options can be intimidating - that’s where this guide comes in! Here you’ll find an in-depth comparison of the three most popular coffee makers: a Keurig, a French press, and a drip coffeemaker. Spoiler alert, there is no “best option.” It depends entirely on how much coffee you need, and the variables you want to control. 


K: Fill a reusable K-cup or grab a single-use K-cup and place in the chamber, press to start.

F: Place coarsely-ground coffee in press, then fill with hot water until the grounds are fully covered. Wait 30 seconds to steep, then fill the rest of the press with water and wait another 4 minutes. Slowly push the plunger down and serve.

D: Place a filter in the chamber, fill it with grounds, add water to the tank, and press to start.

Brew time

K: 2 minutes

F: 5 minutes 

D: 5-10 minutes


K: Single-serve.

F: 2-4 cups.

D: Varies; typically yields up to 12 cups per brew.


K: Coffee is made as-needed (one cup at a time).

F: Coffee is made as-needed (one or multiple cups at a time); must be consumed immediately.

D: Coffee can be made in large quantities and kept warm for a prolonged period of time.


K: Varies based on the grounds - you can also adjust the strength by the amount of grounds added to the reusable K-cup. The result is consistent.

F: Rich, full-bodied flavor because the coffee oils are present. The result varies with each brew, because each step of the process is controlled. 

D: Depends on the machine - typically a lighter flavor, but it can be adjusted based on the amount of grounds used. The result is consistent.

Hopefully, these factors help you narrow down the ideal device for you. Want something quick and easy? A Keurig or drip machine is likely your best bet. But, if crafting your cup is your favorite part of the day, you may prefer the hands-on method of the French press. 

What do you prefer? Let us know in the comments! 


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    I love the convenience of a K-cup for sure! However, I would LOVE to try French Pressed! Sounds delicious!

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    How much caffeine is in the chocolate donut k cup

    ? Birthday cake ???

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