CEO Diary: Things to ask yourself BEFORE wanting to work with a brand!

I am not an expert at any of this by ANY MEANS … plus everyone else has their own opinions especially how they run their “influencer” or affiliate programs but I want to share my observations as a business owner as well as some questions that you should think about.

You might not know this answer but… How big is the company you’re reaching out too?

AND what role does the owner/CEO play… are you DMing them or staff that handles the account? (Or both…)

How are you BUILDING a relationship with the brand?

What can you bring to the table? Sales? Graphics? Photos? Videos? Blogs?

[Not true for all brands/contracts] but if you WERE to work with a brand, are you OK with signing a contract that my limit you to only their brand, posting certain things at certain times, etc?

These are just things I would recommend thinking about if you’re looking to be a brand ambassador or part of their affiliate program:
1/ Buy & use the products you enjoy…
2/ Don’t try to sell people, just share how YOU use the products
3/ Engage with the company & it’s owners - build the relationship
4/ Develop your audience/community genuinely… it’s not a numbers race!

You’re probably reading this and thinking “well, duh” but I think you’d be surprised of how easily this is overlooked or just not done.

At the end of the day, I would just consider your intentions of what you’re trying to accomplish

  • Free product? Remember that is a cost to your favorite small business…
  • Money? If you only gain 5%/10% commission how much would you have to sell?
  • Genuinely being involved with a brand that you truly love regardless if you’re official? . . .

Anyway, I hope this gives you some things to think about and I hope it helps you if you are looking to be more involved with any brand.

hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  • Randi

    Great info!
    I would like to start my own business but not sure where to start.

  • Randi

    I would like to start my own business but not sure where to start.

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