But First... Coffee: Peep this Cookie Recipe for Easter!

Good morning Coffee Lovers!

As easter approaches we are sharing this special recipe we found for Coffee & Chocolate Cookies! It is Gluten, Wheat and Dairy free! You can replace the eggs with chia seeds (4tbsp jellied) to make the recipe Vegan as well!

Tag us if you make this! #cookingwithcoffee


Abbey Scott

Coffee & Chocolate Cookies!

-1 Cup of Dairy-free Margarine or Butter
-2 Cups of Gluten-free Rice Flour
-1 Cup of Gluten-free Plain White Flour
-2/3 Cup of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
-3 Teaspoons of Vanilla Extract
-Pinch of Salt
-2 Eggs
 -1/2 Cup of Fine Caster Sugar
-4 Teaspoons of Ground Coffee
-1/2 Teaspoon of Baking Powder
-1/2 a Cup of Almond Milk (or nut milk)

To Decorate-
-Easter Cookie Cutters
-Dairy-free Chocolate (I used Kinnerton Dark)
-Icing Sugar or Ready to roll White icing
-Food Colouring (Pastel Colors)

Step 1- Cream together the Margarine or Butter and Sugar in a Large mixing bowl until smooth.
Step 2- Add in the Eggs & Cocoa Powder and mix together thoroughly
Step 3- In a separate bowl, mix together the Coffee and Vanilla Extract until fully dissolved and add it to the Chocolaty mixture
Step 4- Gradually add in the Flour, Salt & Baking Powder, mixing together until fully combined. Add in the Almond Milk a little at a time until the mixture comes together.
Step 5- With clean hands, kneed the mixture to form a soft ball of Dough.
Step 6- Wrap the Dough ball in Cling-film and place into the Fridge to firm up for around an hour.
Step 7- Pre-heat your Oven to 180 Degrees
Step 8- Remove the Dough from the Fridge and lightly cover your clean work-Surface with Flour to prevent the Dough from sticking (This can be really annoying if left un-floured)
Step 9- Roll out to your desired thickness and using Cookie Cutters, firmly press into the Dough and place the Shapes onto a Lined Baking tray ready for Baking.
Step 10- When you have all of the Cookies ready, pop them into the Oven and bake for around 8-10 minutes, checking them after 8 minutes.
Step 11- Remove the Cookies from the Oven and place them onto a Wire Rack to cool fully before decorating!

Once the Cookies have fully cooled, now the fun part begins....DECORATING!

Step 12- Lightly dust some Icing Sugar over your work-Surface, apply your desired Food Colouring to the White icing and Kneed.
You can always add more Color if you want a deeper finish.

To get the Marble effect icing (like you can see on the Pink Flower Cookie) apply some Food coloring to the icing, Knead only a little and then Roll out. This leaves an uneven colored piece of Icing which looks lovely and show its many wonderful shades.

Step 13- Roll out the icing and use the Cookie Cutters to cut out the Shapes.

Apply a little water to the back of the Shape and place ontop of the Cookie. Add little Eyes using Dark Chocolate and a Bamboo stick, edible Gold Glitter and Gold Leaf for a special touch!


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