But First...Coffee: Paired with PB&J Oatmeal

Good morning Coffee Lovers, 

One thing I love almost as much as I love my morning coffee...I love my morning oatmeal.

Typically I stick to plain oatmeal with some stevia & cinnamon as I have some eggs on the side.

HOWEVER when I'm craving treat I love mixing up my oats!

My favorite?! PB&J Oats .. High protein version.

Step 1: Cook oats as normal (keep a tiny bit "watery")

Step 2: Add in vanilla or pb flavored 1/2 scoop of protein

Step 3: Frozen blueberries

Step 4: 1 serving of PB

Step 5: 1 serving of sugar free strawberry jam...

AND THERE YOU GO! Mix it up AND ENJOY! (Hot or cold!)


Abbey Scott


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