But First... Coffee: Monday's don't have to be mediocre

But First... Coffee: Monday's don't have to be mediocre

Good morning Coffee Lovers! Happy Monday!

Monday's can be tough. It's a new week...you have to get back on to the work week grind... maybe your calendar is full for the week and you barely have even time for groceries!

Here are a few tips to help start your week off right:

(1) Wake up 15 minutes earlier than normal - take this extra time for yourself. Either sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, get to work early to organize your desk, or spend a little extra time curling your hair... however you want to do it, take that time for you!

(2) Eat breakfast - Start your day off with proper nutrition. Having a protein packed breakfast with a cup of water to wake up your body inside and out, fueling yourself for the day. Try a spinach omelette with a side of oatmeal, topped with strawberries!

(3) Dress for success - Dress yourself in an outfit you feel WOW in. Give yourself the extra confidence boost, maybe a bold lip, and stride into work like you own the place - or maybe you do own it ;) #bossbabe

(4) Write down a To Do List for the day (or week) and "eat the frog first". Never heard that saying before? It means do what you least want to do first. Get it over with. Then you'll be clear for the rest of the week!

(5) Tell every soul "Good morning, happy Monday!" with a smile. Some people will be taken back in shock, others will return the smile, and after a few times you'll start believing that it is a good morning and will be a happy Monday yourself!

This Monday morning I'm taking 15 minutes for myself, drinking a cup of Flourish - our organic, kona blend (medium roast).

Have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week!


Abbey Scott


PS: Looking for more guidance on how to eat the proper nutritional breakfast as mentioned in #2? Email me at abbey@coffeeovercardio.com and I can help you find the best coaches/resources.

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