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Good morning Coffee Lovers! 
Today I would like to you introduce you to Diana, the founder of Crystal Competition Bikinis. I stumbled upon her on instagram and absolutely fell in love with the competition suits she was making. Me being me, I reached out to her to one - tell her how beautiful her suits were, two - ask about pricing (cause I want one), and three - asked if we could have a chat so I could hear her story. Part of following your own passions, is networking and hearing how others are following theres. They can be beyond inspiring and I also believe you can learn from their experiences - good and bad. So I would like to share with you, part of Diana's story.
Diana has been a bodybuilder competitor for 3 years.
If you don't know a lot about body building competitions - they are not exactly financially friendly. Money is poured into gym memberships, food, coaches (training, nutrition, posing), shoes, suits, hair, make up, and probably even more depending on the person.
When Diana was competing she decided in order to save money, she was going to make own suit. The one hold up was - she didn't know how to sew. Instead of letting that stop her - she bought supplies, watched videos and taught herself.
Fast forward, three years later... and she's running her own business where she creates beautiful (yes, I'll use that word AGAIN because it just doesn't due the suits justice) bikinis for competitors.
So how did she get from A to B? After teaching herself how to sew and create these suits, she was able to collaborate with her coach and her competition team, and she started making all the suits for her team (based out of Chicago, her home city).
Now, she lives in Miami - she continues to make the suits for her team, a smaller team in Miami, and also takes private orders via her website online.
So what stood out to me was actually our conversation about competing and the reasoning behind her name "Crystal Competition Bikinis." Competing is a physical challenge to become as lean as you can be, to win against other people who are also bringing their best physique to the stage. However, competition is more than a physical challenge. It's more than going to the gym and dieting. It's a mental challenge. As as Diana explained to me - the mental strength is just as important if not more when you are competing. 
She includes actual healing crystals in the box that she delivers to you with the beautiful suit. So not only do you put on a bikini that is going to bring you confidence in how you look when you rock that stage, but those crystals are going to give you the mental support that you need, where the crystal holds an intention for you when you might not be holding it for yourself. So as you are going through your prep and as you take the stage, that crystal will hopefully fill any gaps in your mental strength that you may have.
Over the next year, Diana is focusing on expanding her business and marketing through social media. She hopes to officially sponsor some athletes SOON.
Please check out her website at https://www.crystalcompetitionbikinis.com! If you reach out to her PLEASE let her know we recommended you and she will hook you up with a SWEET discount code to use at our store.
Hope you have an AMAZING day. 
Abbey Scott
Coffee Over Cardio

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