But First...Coffee: I invite YOU to join our team

But First...Coffee: I invite YOU to join our team

Good morning Coffee Lovers!

Today I want to invite you to officially join our team of Baristas... When I started this company, I immediately envisioned amazing coffee {check} and a community of women inspiring others to chase their dreams - whatever they may be. AND what's more amazing... is that it's happening...

In the beginning I started introducing myself to those who I was drawn to because... hell they inspired me! From fitness, to food relationships, to future mom goals... And I wanted to be a platform they could share their stories on!

But then I asked myself? Why stop there... I've had the opportunity to virtually "meet" so many inspiring women who buy the coffee or just interact with us via social media....And that's when I decided to EXPAND. Give everyone a chance to share their story, inspire further than their current reach... and just be apart of our family.

So today I invite you to join our team. Click here and tell me why you enjoy coffee & how you inspire others to apply.

Hope you have an amazing week!




  • Lori vick

    I love great coffee and I love yours!!! I always love sharing a good thing with others!💜💜💜 thank you so much

  • Letisha

    I don’t necessarily consider myself a coffee snob, but I do know good coffee when I sip one. Coffee Over Cardio is amazing. When I’m not doing the mom thing or the wife thing, I’m doing the fit life thing. I need the boost to keep going. Coffee Over Cardio makes me feel like I can conquer the world every day, not to mention the flavors are very treat yo’ self.

  • bailee garmoe

    I love coffee. I cant help but always put coffee making in my daily routine. as a nursing student having early morning clinicals is very rough, so I grab my cup of coffee that I made and hop in my car to get my day started. It gives me that extra boost I need in the morning to put I little pep in my step! I also like how the coffee you sell is 0 calories if I was to go to starbucks there is no way I could find a coffee with 0 calories! I really like the cinnamon coffee and I am soon gonna get the high caffeinated one to see how that one tastes! I would love to be apart of this coffee community!

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