But First...Coffee: Do you work a desk job?

How to keep “active” at the office through the day

Good morning coffee lovers!

Many of you are just like me and work at a desk all day long! Here are 5 ways I like to “keep active” at work, despite not having an active job.

  1. 1 hr ON & 5 minutes OFF: For every 1 hour I’m working, I like to take a quick walk or break up and out of my seat to stretch my legs. I find this not only keeps me on task, but keeps me moving! My walk might be just to the bathroom, or kitchen area, and sometimes I only have time to stand up. Using a tracker such a Fitbit will help you gage how active you are being during your work hours! AND this ALSO helps for mental clarity and focus.

  2. Standing desk: If your office offers it GET one! This gives you the opportunity to split your time between sitting and standing all day long.

  3. Phone Calls: Unless I need to take notes, I make myself stand up to take the call! If you have a lot of calls, you’ll be up and down a lot! (Almost like an office plyo?)

  4. Calf Raises: From the many opportunities I’m standing at my desk, I like to do calf raises to get my blood flowing and some side work on shaping/toning my muscles.

  5. Write the Alphabet with your toes: As you sit, under your desk, spell out the alphabet with your toe pointed (keeping your leg straight). Again - another toning mechanism. Then switch! And try the other leg.

Of course the rest will just depend on your office. A few of my colleagues have little dumbbells or tension bands they may use at their desk for a quick pump. See what is allowed and accepted at your office!

To be honest, I find what is key in a non-fitness related career, is sticking to my healthy diet and making sure I drink water through the day. Your diet should be catered to having a sedentary job - and that should be good enough if you’re on point!

If you’re looking for help finding nutrition/training guidance, email me at abbey@coffeeovercardio.com and I will help point you in the right direction!

Hope you have an amazing Monday and rest of the week!


Abbey Scott


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