But First... Coffee: A health journey, NOT an overnight fix feat. Brooke Bauman

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Today we have a special guest, Brooke (@MuscleBarbieBrooke) who shares with us why your health and fitness goals should be a marathon not a sprint! Read below and leave a comment telling us what you think!


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You should not reach your goal body overnight & here is why I think this…

By Brooke Bauman (@MuscleBrookeBarbie)

Weight loss/ Muscle gain in not “Quick”

This saying comes up a lot and I always love hearing it, “Rome wasn’t built in a day so why should you be?” This is so true. The average person when going for a weight loss goal shouldn’t lose more 2 pounds a week. This number can fluctuation with water intake and exercise but in general, your “30 pound weight loss goal” shouldn’t be achieved in 2 weeks. Also, when trying to gain muscle it takes time. The more you work towards your goal the closer you get each day, never give up.

2.) You need to create a lifestyle NOT a temporary fix

Quick fixes do not last; you need to create a habit. Habits stick and will help you create a lifestyle out of healthy living. Do not tell yourself you’re on a diet either, you eat according to your goals not just for a period of time. Eating whole foods and foods that fuel your body properly should not be termed a “diet”, create new healthy eating habits instead. They say it takes 21 days to form a new routine. 21 days of switching your eating habits, 21 days of trying new workout routines, 21 days to a new you.

3.) Learn your body

When creating a new eating plan or workout schedule everyone’s body responds differently. With testing out different techniques to figure out what works for you takes time. After different trial and errors, you’ll come to conclusion on what suits you and your new lifestyle best. Do you prefer morning workouts or evening lifts? Do you need to prepare all your meals for the week since you’re so busy or just a few to get you through the day before coming home? Ask yourself these questions. Write down what you like and what makes you feel best. Find your rhythm and groove it out.

4.) It's not magic

No magic pill, no magic shake, no magic workout, NONE!! Youre the magic. You have to create a new mindset that will get you to your goal. All these pyramid scheme weight loss commercials & products get my gears grinding. THEY ARENT HEALTHY. They set unrealistic expectations in people’s heads that don’t have any background knowledge on nutrition and then set them up for failure & “yo-yo” dieting. In other terms, it means the constant fallbacks of going from “dieting” to not watching what you eat at all. The weight loss to weight gain to weight loss to weight gain is not healthy. This is why creating a lifestyle is what is needed NOT A PILL/SHAKE, eat whole foods and drink your H2O!


5.) Enjoy the process

It shouldn’t be miserable or uncomfortable when you’re trying to reach your goals. You should enjoy the process and watch your body transform. Sure there may be hard days but once you push through you’ll see what you’re made of. The human body is absolutely amazing and once you treat it right, you’ll not only look better but feel better as well. Don’t rush life, let it take its course and love yourself every step of the way.



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