10 Mood-Boosters

Ready to conquer this Monday?


Whether we have the Monday morning blues or the mid-day drag, we all have that occasional moment where we aren’t feeling our best. We try to ride it out, hoping our attitudes will naturally improve over time, when what we could be doing is nipping that negativity in the bud! While that can work, I have a list of ten mood-boosters that will INSTANTLY better your day.


1. Reflect on the positives. Instead of focusing on your negative thoughts, draw your attention to the things that bring you gratitude. You can even make a mini gratitude list.


2. Listen to your favorite tune. Play a song that makes you dance in your seat, and let yourself jam out for a few minutes.


3. Get moving. If you’re unable to exercise, try a quick walk around the office. Getting your heart pumping provides a prolonged energy boost.


4. Look at a picture with a loved one. It sounds cheesy, but science shows that seeing someone you love stimulates your brain’s release of dopamine (“happy chemicals”).


5. Perform an act of kindness. Doing something good for someone else, even something as simple as a compliment, is proven to improve your well-being.


6. Organize. De-clutter your space to de-clutter your mind!


7. Eat a snack. I’m totally a snacker – if I go too long without eating, I feel tired and irritable. Some mood-boosting foods are dark chocolate, greek yogurt, bananas, and oatmeal.


8. Try aromatherapy. Citrus and peppermint are go-to essential oils for energy, and lavender is great for de-stressing.


9. Address the issue(s). If you know exactly what’s bringing you down, acknowledge it and then devise a solution for it. If it’s a task, get it done. If it’s something out of your control, reason with yourself as to why you shouldn’t let it affect your happiness.


10. BREATHE. Whether you’re into meditation or not, take a minute to focus on your breathing. Take slow, mindful, deep breaths – there are apps available for added guidance and targeted exercises, such as Headspace. 


What is your go-to mood booster? Try one of the items on this list, and let me know how it works for you.



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